Pink Bridesmaid Dresses and the Complement

After deciding the best wedding dress you are going to wear on the best special day regarding the concept and theme of the wedding, usually the bride will shift to start thinking about her bridesmaids. Bridesmaids are young women consisting of a number of the bride’s close friends or sisters. As they have an important role, the bridesmaid dresses should complement the wedding shade and fashionable so that it would bring the perfection toward your wedding day.

What Color? I Choose Pink Tone

There are thousands colors the bride can choose. One of the alternatives is pink. Pink means the innocence, femininity, childishness, love and beauty and freshness. People who like pink have charming, gentle and artistic personalities.  To be highlighted, pink does not always refer to the bright or shocking pink. There hundreds of pink variation you can choose, such as lumber, french fuchsia, pale pink, blush, fuchsia pink, shocking pink, flamingo pink, and many others. Try to decide what kind of pink you want to have for your wedding concept, including your wedding dress. After that, go to the step to decide which kind of pink you want to have for your bridesmaids which match to you. In addition, as your bridesmaids have different skin tones, it will be very wise to give the bridesmaid the freedom to choose the complementary color of their gown that blends well with their complexion as well as the styles of the dress which fit to the shape your each bridesmaid’s body.

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Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid Make Up for Pink Dresses

If you decide to have bridesmaid dresses in pink tone, it is urgent for your bridesmaid to know about the make up applied which go hand in hand with the dress they are wearing. The makeup should not overpower the tone of the bridesmaid dress so that your bridesmaids will be pretty in their pink shades.

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If you have raspberry or fuchsia bridesmaids dress, it will fit with neutral look for the facial feature, for instance having neutral eyeshadow, bright pink lip which match to the dress, and blush that is in the same color family as your lips with lighter shades. If your bridesmaid wedding dress is on the tone of dusty rose, blush or baby pink, it is suggested to have not too bold make up, such as shimmery shades of light pink for the lips, fairly neutral eye shadow (ivory or peachy beige), and lighter shades of blush (pale purple or light apricot). Then, the dark pink bridesmaid dress will match with purple eye shadow, purple-pink blush, and a lavender lip color. In addition, the shades of orange-pink dress will work well a neutral makeup, like neutral eyes hadow (golden or grayish shadow), nude lipstick and peachy pink lip gloss, and matching blush in the same color family as your lips. The make up tone which is match toward the dress will bring you wedding bridesmaid to have flattering, graceful, and elegant look.