Black Dresses and Which One Is Yours?

Black dresses last all the time since the old style to the modern or contemporary style; it last from the era of Zelda Fitzgerald to the nowadays; going through the gothic style to the classic; from the grunge affiliated color to the stylish evening color dress. Black dresses have cough attention from many people. The silhouette of the black couture on our body line seems like it never goes wrong in any occasion. The surprising part is, black has been affiliate as formal color wore by the gentlemen and formal suits. Now we will see how black dress’s style nowadays and which one fits you well.

black dresses

Style and Cutting of Black Dresses

To simplify the style of the black dresses and know which one fits you well, we can start with the Damask Lace Skater Dress. This black dress has a very short drapery skirt with the lacey long sleeve and low neck line pointing out your nice cleavage. These typical short little black dresses can go no wrong with you who have a nice leg and willing to show it off. Put it all together with the half open strapless shoes in black with a bit glitter for evening occasion. You will be perfect with changing your daily handbag to the clutch bag or evening sling bag.

little black dress


For you with the small and petite body; small shoulder and not really heavy bottom, you can get to the Off the Shoulder Ribbed Body-con Dress. This dress showing off your shoulder and make your upper part looks a bit broader. But do not walk like a guilty person, and turning your dress into wrong outfit. Stand tall and open your shoulder, walk with grace and you shall be the apple of the eyes for everyone else. This dress also cover your arms with ¾ sleeve that will not showing off your small arms, if you feel uncomfortable with it. The perfect combination for this dress will be water drop earrings and clutch bag plus the pump up shoes.

Backless Caped Shift Dress, something very contemporary that you will love, but somehow doesn’t fit to those who have a small body. Backless caped shift dress is design for the tall appearance person with the purpose to hide and showcase some part. The accessories are not so complicated but try not to have necklace. Leave it to jewelry bracelet with colored stones as the back dresses somehow needs a little color. Need to make a note that black dresses are not a friend of other than black stocking. So beware.